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‘开云app官网入口’扎克伯格清华秀中文 希望Facebook进中国

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本文摘要:Facebook has been blocked in China since 2009, but the company has long expressed a desire to enter the Chinese market.Facebook自2009年起就仍然被中国屏蔽,但这家公司也长年回应期望能转入中国市场。

Facebook has been blocked in China since 2009, but the company has long expressed a desire to enter the Chinese market.Facebook自2009年起就仍然被中国屏蔽,但这家公司也长年回应期望能转入中国市场。On Wednesday, Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, gave a dramatic display of his interest in the country, speaking in Chinese for about a half-hour at a forum at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He discussed his thoughts on innovation in China, Facebook’s future in the country and why he is studying Chinese.周三,Facebook的首席执行官马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)用出人意料的形式展出了他对中国的兴趣,他在北京清华大学的一个座谈会上用中文谈了约半个小时。

他讲了自己对中国创意的观点,Facebook在中国的未来,以及他为什么学中文。His Mandarin is far from perfect, but his first few words were received with cheers and applause by the assembled students and faculty members.他的普通话远非极致,但他刚刚说道了几个词后,到场的 学生和老师就博得他欢呼声和掌声。

“Hello everyone. Thanks for coming,” he told the group. “I’m very glad to be in Beijing. I love this city. My Chinese is really a mess, but I study using Chinese every day.”“大家好。谢谢你们来这里,”他对听众说道。“我很高兴来北京。

我很爱人这座城市。我的中文很差劲,但是我每天自学用中文。”“Perhaps I need practice,” he added, to laughter from the group.“我有可能必须锻炼,”他在听众的欢笑声中补足道。

Mr. Zuckerberg joined the advisory council of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management this week, and his talk was with students and faculty of the school.本周,扎克伯格聘为沦为清华大学经济管理学院顾问委员。他与学院的学生和老师展开了座谈。Asked why he studied the language, Mr. Zuckerberg said his wife Priscilla Chan’s family members speak Chinese. Her grandmother was “very shocked,” he said, when he told her in Chinese that he and Ms. Chan planned to marry.当被问及为什么学中文时,扎克伯格说道,他的妻子普莉希拉·陈(Priscilla Chan)的家人说道中文。

他说道,当自己用中文告诉他她奶奶他们要成婚时,她的奶奶“十分惊讶”。He said that while he knows more words in Mandarin, his wife also speaks Cantonese and has much better listening comprehension than he does. “One time I asked her, why is my listening comprehension so bad?” Mr. Zuckerberg said. “She said, ‘Your listening comprehension in English is also bad.’”他说道,虽然他告诉更加多普通话的词,但他也不会说道粤语的妻子听力比自己好。“有一次我回答她,为什么我的听力这么劣?”扎克伯格说道。“她说道,‘你的英文听力解读也劣。

’”Mr. Zuckerberg’s new association with Tsinghua University shows how Facebook is playing the long game in China. The hope appears to be that engagement with China, along with Facebook’s current operations selling advertisements to Chinese companies, will help the company some day open a form of its website in China.扎克伯格与清华大学的新关系表明了Facebook在中国的长远打算。公司或许期望通过与中国认识,再加Facebook现有的来自中国公司的广告业务,协助公司未来能在中国创建某种形式的网站。In China, Western Internet companies like Google and Twitter have also faced blockages, mainly because of concerns in Beijing that the free flow of information in the country could lead to instability. The professional social network LinkedIn was allowed to open a Chinese language site in the country after agreeing to censor politically sensitive content posted within China.谷歌和Twitter等西方互联网公司也被中国屏蔽,主要是因为北京担忧信息在国内权利传播可能会造成不平稳。职业社交网领英(LinkedIn)表示同意审查其中国境内服务的政治脆弱内容后,获准在国内开办了中文网站。

When asked about Facebook’s plans in China, Mr. Zuckerberg took two big gulps from his water bottle to laughter, and then said, “We’re already in China,” to more laughs.当被问到Facebook在中国的计划时,扎克伯格趁此机会拿起水瓶,在听众的笑声中喝下两大口水,然后说道,“我们早已在中国了,”引发更好的笑声。“We help Chinese companies increase foreign customers, they use Facebook ads to find more customers,” he explained, citing how Lenovo uses Facebook to advertise in Indonesia. He added that Facebook had worked with Hangzhou and Qingdao to help those Chinese cities attract visitors via their Facebook pages.“我们协助中国的公司快速增长国外的客户,他们用Facebook广告寻找更好的客户,”他说明道,还荐了误解在印度尼西亚用Facebook做广告的例子。

他补足说道,杭州和青岛也用他们的Facebook页面更有游客。“We want to help other places in the world connect to China,” he said.“我们想要协助世界其他地方相连中国,”他说道。

On innovation, Mr. Zuckerberg said China boasted a number of the world’s most innovative companies. He mentioned that he had dinner with Lei Jun, the founder of the Chinese smartphone upstart Xiaomi. “It’s a very innovative company,” Mr. Zuckerberg said. “It has a quick development with different products. They’re very cheap,” he said, spurring more laughs from the crowd.在创意的问题上,扎克伯格回应,中国早已享有一些世界上最不具创意精神的公司。他提及,他与中国智能手机新秀小米的创始人雷军吃过饭。“小米是十分创意的公司,”扎克伯格说道。

“他们迅速发展了很多不一样的产品。它们是很低廉的,”他说道,在听众中引发更好的笑声。“China is a great country,” he said, adding that studying the language helped him understand the culture. Finally, he said he studied the language because, “I like challenges.”“中国是一个最出色的国家,”他说道,并补足说道,自学中文协助他理解中国文化。最后他说道,自学中文是因为“我讨厌挑战”。

It remains to be seen what will happen with Facebook in China, but getting into the country with a social media site resembling the one the company operates around the world could prove even harder than learning Chinese.Facebook在中国将不会再次发生什么还有待仔细观察,但是,让这个社交媒体以与其在全球运营的网站类似于的形式转入中国,可能会被证明比学中文要绝佳多。





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